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Tidung Island is one of the most widely used tour destinations in Thousand Islands, located not too far away from the capital city of Jakarta, it beautiful beaches attracts many tourist to go to it. One of the iconic tourist spot of Tidung island is Love Bridge which happens to be connects the tiny Tidung island as well as the Big Tidung islands, we can cross the bridge while enjoying breathtaking views towards the island and naturally for the really clear water of surrounded sea. Tidung Island also provides many cool snorkelling spots, well preserved coral reefs and fishes inside a healthy marine life.

Have you ever heard from the Bridge of Love? Maybe you think it was a long way away but make no mistake, it’s not far and not expensive to visit the Bridge of affection. The bridge is definitely an attraction from the tourist region of Tidung island, one of many islands of the Thousand Islands, yet still within the Jakarta area. Tidung island or Pulau Tidung is divided into two large islands Tidung Besar and Tidung Kecil, connected by the Bridge of affection by using a period of approximately 800 meters.

Tidung will not be as developed as a number of the other islands from the district, meaning that it must be less commercial and noticeably cheaper. Tourism on Tidung island is honored in being extremely community-based which is operated solely with the locals of your island with people’s homes that have been decorated and air-conditioned and transformed into a kind of homestay having a simple, neat and comfortable rooms. he smaller Tidung Island is in most cases, a breeding area for mangroves. The mangroves are planted one per year, and then in time are going to be a part of a “mangrove tour.”

Pulau Tidung Island Holidays In Indonesia

Tidung is approximately a 3-hour ride from Muara Angke, the port in North Jakarta by way of a slower, wooden boat or ferry. The ferry departs from Muara Angke to Tidung only once daily at 7:00 am, so ensure you awaken early enough to get there by the due date! Alternatively, you may catch a speed boat from Ancol Marina Harbor, whereby Tidung (see Paket Pulau Tidung) would be just 1.5 hours away. Lodgings and amenities are found on the main island of Tidung Besar, whilst the smaller island is practically uninhabited and it is mostly mangrove forest.

For snorkeling activity, we required to ride a tiny boat. Arrived within the first snorkeling location; we started to jump in the water. Some of us could not swim yet still decided to take point about this activity. Well, why must we be scared once we were wearing life jacket. Another reason why why we were not scared was other members of DG Family would always help us once we needed it. This trust has been built for 4 years and can grow stronger and stronger every year.

Banana Boat and canoe: as the sea before the beaches is shallow and also the water is clean, beaches throughout the Pulau Seribu are secure for kids. You can eat local food with the many stalls for approximately Rp. 10,000 per meal. The accommodations on Tidung island are cozy homestays, with a choice of AC or non AC rooms. Alternatively you can go camping at the beach. There aren’t any top-class hotels or resorts at Tidung island.

Tidung Island is definitely a beautiful area for a getaway. It really is component of “Kepulauan Seribu”. The place is near to Jakarta! The island holds numerous sightseeing attractions, too. One of them is conservation for hawksbill sea turtle. Despite its small size, the area is recognized as attractive. Many tourists visit it for witnessing such cute creatures. Are you interested? In cases like this, it is possible to come with your loved ones. The kids would definitely love them. Having an authorization, visitors are permitted to retain the turtles.

Waiting to barbeque was served; part of DG family took choose sing a song. There are joke, song and laugh. Time was getting late. Individually decided it had been the time for any rest. The final activity was get out of bed early to find out sunrise at Bridge of affection and walk to Smaller Tidung Island. Afterward, we required to take a bath and pack our bag; ready to return to our home and begin our activity with new sprite as well as for first time chapter of the beloved company, DGtraffic.